Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Apparently, I Am Too Vulgar...

So I was looking around for an ad network for my blog yesterday. I checked out Adsense through Google and apparently my use of profane language makes my blog ineligible for their services. For those who don't know Adsense is basically a program through Google that puts up relevant ads on your blog and pays you for them. It's like someone really gives you a penny for your thoughts! Well, I even checked out a few other ad networks and I am waiting on word back, but it isn't looking good.  The only other alternative I am aware of is to use ad networks used on porn websites. 

I decided yesterday I would post a blog with no profanity.  Seems simple enough huh? For those who don't know me personally I can use fuck in a sentence 4 times and it will make sense. For example, fuck these stupid fucking Adsense fuckers who don't know a good fucking blog from a hole in their fucking ass. See, I got 5 in! It's just who I am, that's how I talk at work, at home, in traffic, at the grocery store.  I once said fuck in a demonstration speech when I was at the University of Dayton and still got a B. So,  I got to work and not only did I write a blog with no profanity, it actually made sense! However, it was boring as fuck.  I even fell asleep typing it. There was no life in it.  I kept asking myself, "What are you a girl or somethin??"  I love saying what I mean and meaning what I say.  I don't want to have to censor myself for the fucking man.  Fuck the man....Right???

I'm fucked. 


  1. Yikes woman! I should have washed out your mouth more when you were a baby!!!!!!!!!

  2. Never stop being you! Who gives a fuck what they say