Friday, June 24, 2011

I'll Be Damned, I Ain't Going Out Like That

Above is a video of a 10 year old jackass going off on his mom.  He apparently felt disrespected and actually slapped her when he felt she wasn't listening. Do you know what this little fucker had the nerve to ask her after he slapped the shit out his Momma?  "How does that feel!!!???" What-in the-fuck???  Now I know mom was on national TV so she couldn't have DDT'ed him in front of 40 million viewers. That being said, ain't nan nutta nan way in hell one of my kids would have gotten away with that.  All I would have said after that is, "Where is my baby powder? (links were added to assist those who don't understand my "urban" references.)

Ezekiel 25:17

If I was sitting with President Obama, the First Lady, his daughters, and their dog Bo, I would have snatched off that microphone, grabbed him up and struck down upon him "with great vengeance and furious anger" with a punch to the chest. Then I'd follow up with shaking his ass like a fucking 2-liter.  He would have been cockeyed until after he graduated high school. Shit, my grandbabies would have been cockeyed.  And that was only in the presence of The Head of State.  After I got home, I would have literally slapped that boy every 2.5 minutes for the rest of his life asking him, " How does that feel, you little fucker??" I would strategically go through his belongings and take everything I ever bought him and give it to some other kid and then go to the thrift store by him two outfits that don't match and are two sizes too small. I'd make him wear that shit to school every day so other kids can slap the shit out of him too.

Now, I didn't see the full episode and I know some of you bleeding hearts are like he probably has some deep seeded issues.  Well my kids know what it is like to not really see their dad, been through tough separations, death, poverty, lived in the hood, have ADHD, allergies, and asthma. Hell, my son could barely talk until he was 3. I'd still be DAMNED if one of them ever raise their hand to hit me.  Ever.  I ain't going out like that.

What the hell is wrong with parents? What the hell is wrong with society now that we feel guilty to tear that ass up when it's obviously necessary? Too many moms have been chided for scolding their children in the grocery store and now no one wants to deal with their kids in public.  While I am not the mom who smacks her kid in the mouth for touching a candy bar in the checkout line; I AM that mom who will trip a kid (mine or or anyone else's for that matter) for running down the aisle of the frozen food section screaming I want Toaster Strudel. 

There is a fine line here and I believe I am on right side.  All you soft ass parents come join me. Think about it, all these bad ass kids are going to be the ones wiping our asses in another 50 or 60 years. 


  1. He'll to the nah! He would have NEVA had a chance to say another word! He would have been too busy trying to hold his eye and lips at the same time! Gimme that little asswipe ONE DAY!!!!!! A www he'll no! This done got me mad as he'll! A www he'll naw!

  2. ^^^^^^that's MY momma if anyone wants to know where I get it from LOL