Monday, June 27, 2011

Wrong Website Asshole

Hate to admit it, but I am "Phishing."  I got tired of the creeps that I was meeting at random and thought I would give it a try. I haven't found anyone on the site recently worth mentioning but I have been on it for a few months now.  I generally just browse. If I see a guy who has his shit together, is sexy, and doesn't have a photo of himself at a club with not one but two bitches (WTF is that about anyway), then I may inbox him. Since I've been on Plenty of Fish, I've found that combo is relatively impossible. So for the most part,  I am usually just browsing or responding to emails that I have received. 

Flave's and Whoopi's Love Child
Hey men! The following is for your own personal information. Most women who respect themselves will not respond to messages like, "Dam, you s3xy," "When we fuckin," " I like to take it slow and don't want to meet in person for awhile, we can just text," and my personal favorite, "It would be my duty to please that chocolate booty." Just sayin', I know it's quote from Shaft and it made me giggle, but that's not gonna cut it. And for God's Sake, please learn how to spell. If you ask me my name, it means you didn't even read my damn profile. However,  I WILL respond to, "Wow, I read your profile. tif, you are beautiful, funny, and smart.  I'd love to get to know you." Now that gets a response every time even if you look like the love child of Flava Flave and Whoopi Goldberg. I'm not gonna go out to Olive Garden and eat spaghetti a la Lady and the Tramp with you, but I will thank you for your time and effort and let you down with ease. 

Now a little background .... On part of my profile I said VERBATIM, "I don't discriminate based on race, creed, or religion...but if you tell me you like Donald Trump or Sarah Palin or even use the word tea or party in the same sentence (unless you are a girl under 7), keep it moving. And it's not an Obama thing either, I was this  *holds fingers close* this close to voting for Hillary in the primaries, I just don't want to be hanging out with a self-righteous republican."

I check my messages over the weekend and this is what I get from this chubby, short-ass (love me a tall man) 33 year old white guy from St. Mary's whose screen name is Mudlover77 (Mudlover??? Does that mean you like doing it in the butt??)
 "It's Really Frustrating that blacks vote for the party that has worked so hard to destroy the black family. I thought we could get along til that point. If you want a government that kills jobs keep voting left." 
Mudlover....Is that  you?
WTF?? I thought this was a dating site since when did Fox News start editing  POF?  My response was:

"I have a great job. I also think opinions are lot like assholes, we all have one and yours kinda stinks....good thing I don't care about your ass huh?  I'm gonna be so lost in the world knowing you don't approve of my personal political decisions. It's not the taxes I abhor, it's how they crush the little guy to make a buck. This is a dating website, if you want to spout off your political opinion, get a blog, or a life for that matter. Good luck in your search!"  
Get along??? Like I care? What the hell is wrong with people? It's a dating site, if you don't like what I have to say, just keep it moving dickhead.  He isn't the guy for me anyway, he obviously doesn't know how to follow directions. Next!!!!

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