Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rodney King Arrested. Again. Evidently, the Brain Damage Was a Little More Extensive Than We Originally Thought.

The above article explains how Rodney King was arrested sometime last night for driving while intoxicated. Police don't know if he was drunk or high on drugs but the mug shot pretty much speaks for itself.
He looks high as hell! Got the geeker face going hard right now.
Now, most of us remember the Rodney King beating from 1991.  This man got his ass beat, ripped off, then handed back to him in 1991.  Four cops beat the shit out of him because they were pissed off they had to do their jobs:  drive in their cars and follow him through San Fernando Valley during a high speed chase.  As we now know, they beat him long after he was subdued and caused skull fractures and brain damage. The cops were acquitted which is what sparked the riots that caused 55 deaths and $1 billion in damage to the city of LA. 

King in 1991 after the beating

As I was 11 in 1991, I didn't pay attention to the details of the trial. I just saw people acting a fool in LA pulling poor Reginald Denny out of the cab of his truck and beating the shit out of him, moms stealing diapers from grocery stores, and dudes running out of busted storefronts with two TVs in a shopping cart.  Those people were pissed and they were not playing around, they almost burned the hood to the ground.

I just found out today that this stupid ass muther fucker got $3.8 million dollars in damages from the city of LA. Did you hear me????  For those not so good at math, that is 3 million 800 thousand dollars! Now, the article also says this mutha fucka just got pulled over in a 1994 Mitsubishi. Did you hear me??? 1994! What the hell?  I know he had trouble with the law before, obviously during, and after this incident.  He even went on Celebrity Rehab. But FUCK dude, you got $3.8 mil in the early 90's and you're driving a Mitsubishi???  Now I know he sustained brain damage and I know his lawyers got a third of his money but still that still left this fool with about $2.5 million.  This nigga is driving a 1994 Mitsufuckinbishi. Did someone not teach him how to invest?  Hell, he should have bought a few stocks in Apple or something. Jesus take the wheel because this man has no idea what he is doing.  Save him!! I know him getting arrested is supposed to be the point of the article but I can't help keeping thinking about all the money he went through.  He didn't even have any anniversary specials on TV.  No book deal or anything. Somebody get this stupid ass an agent.

One good thing I can say that he learned was not to run from the police.

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