Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rick Perry: Just Because He Speaks Well and Wears a Suit Doesn’t Mean He is Not a Redneck!

Niggerhead?  Really, this is the name of the ranch you chose to buy and bring your friends to while you were in office in Texas? Some hunting ranch with a big ole rock with Niggerhead painted on it?  You let it continued to be called it Niggerhead? And you are still lying about it? At some point in the life of this hunting estate, I speculate they actually hunted "Nee'gruhs."  Somebody get me my damn baby powder, because I am ready to drive to Texas in a diaper and slap a stupid son of a bitch.
Hey, Tea Partiers, this is your guy!
This guy is running for office…for fucking President. Not assistant white house toilet scrubber or invitation writer. This guy wants to run the entire damn free world!  He has a well documented  tolerance of hatred among his family, friends, and supporters.  He has fought the NAACP to have confederate flags removed from state buildings in Texas.  There were no significant battles fought there.  I could see if his great-grandpappy died in battle trying to keep the "Nee'gruhs" in their place. That would make a little more sense. When establishing the confederacy in Texas, the government of the time cited the following as their reasoning:  
"We hold as undeniable truths that the governments of the various States, and of the confederacy itself, were established exclusively by the white race, for themselves and their posterity; that the African race had no agency in their establishment; that they were rightfully held and regarded as an inferior and dependent race, and in that condition only could their existence in this country be rendered beneficial or tolerable." —Secession Convention, "A Declaration of the Causes which Impel the State of Texas to Secede from the Federal Union 
JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. This guys is one of his followers!
  Is this is what Rick Perry wants to uphold…..heritage?   This bull shit? This self-righteous sack of shit has mentioned succession in 2009 at a GOP Debate AKA Tea Party Rally no-fucking-less.  Let's not forget the Tea Baggers, Um, I mean Partiers, applauded at a hypothetical 30 year old man dying in a coma so they don't have to use their tax dollars to help him.  Not that I agree with all of Obama’s policies, I do like some of his better policies like repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the  American Jobs Act that's attempting to get more American’s working and inevitably spending more money…However, these rich folks are so mad and all in a tizzy to get the black guy out, they are willing to use this FUCKING ASSHOLE, Rick Perry, to win. This guy has rednecks like him and rich people so scared of big government that they are willing to give him a blow job on national television at 8:00 pm if it gets Obama out of office. Some will vote for him because they think it will save them some money. Most of the rednecks in America will vote for him well; because he is a redneck. While this redneck in a suit goes around talking about how well the Texas economy is doing, did he mention that if the last two of your stank ass teeth were on the verge of  falling out, his state health insurance is one of the shittiest in the nation? Do you think he told his fellow rednecks that  his state leads the nation in the number of uninsured residents, has the 3rd lowest percentage of people covered by their employers, and spends less per captia than all but one other state on Medicaid??? Hell no, he didn't tell your stupid ass that.  Did he mention that while his  economy is so great that he has the largest percentage of minimum wage jobs in the nation?  Imagine how your lil ass personal economy is going to do on $7.25 an hour.

But naw, go-on-head and vote for that stupid ass mother fucker who is literally going to bend us over spit on our asshole and fuck us raw if he gets in office. And just guess who will come out with more money than Oprah when it is all over?  Not you Mr. Redneck, and not me either. The rich people who were already rich will be richer, and the economy will be "repaired" but at what cost?  How do you feel about eating Ramen Noodles for dinner 3 times a week for the next 4-8 years? How do you feel about not getting your rot-mouth fixed until his term is up?  How would you feel if your relative was put in prison solely on eye-witness testimony and circumstantial evidence and put to death? The polls as of last week have this guy right behind Mitt Romney.  I think it is a sad day in this country when we have a racists and an adulterer as front runners for the GOP.  I guess I'd rather have an adulter than a racist. He was just getting some ass, that's human, and I can respect that. At least he came out and said he was fucking that chick, even made an honest woman out of her and married her.  But being a lying ass, closet racist, stupid fuck, bastard....Not cool Perry, not cool.
Yeeeee muther fuuuckin hawwww! I'm Rick Perry, I'm a racist idiot who took talks about small government while making millions off of my own! Vote for me!