Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions, Smesolutions

I get it. It's a new year. Time to start anew, relfect, refresh, revive. Time to let go of the old and embrace the new.   Why don't people do this on their birthday? Is it not your own personal anniversary? Why not every Martin Luther King Jr. day?  Did he not encourage self reflection and change? Why is it that some people go on this "New Year, New Me" kick every single fucking year only for 99% of them to be right back where they started?

"Man, you know it's MLK day, I need to make some changes in my life." --Seems strange doesn't it?
Why don't you stop eating 2 Big Macs a sitting because that shit isn't good for you?  Why don't you stop fucking every dude you meet because HIV is real?  Why don't you treat your kids better because they deserve it?  I just don't get it.
Ok, maybe if you are doing shit like this, you need to make changes TODAY, like right-fucking-now.
 This time of year, all I want is to be with the people I love most and enjoy the shit out of the time I spend with them. I want to smile in their faces until mine falls off.  All I am saying is that 2012 better get ready for me.  Because I'm going to be the same cool, silly, hard-working, honest, loving person I've been all year long.  If I chose to change something about my appearance, lifestyle, or attitude, I will make sure that it is beacuse it needs to happen, not because I had to buy a new calendar.Have a happy fucking new year everyone.

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